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We have a new CEO!

We have exciting news! As of Monday 26th February, the Co-production Network for Wales has a new CEO. We are pleased to introduce and give a warm welcome to Gwendolyn Sterk. 

Gwendolyn joins us from Cardiff Women’s Aid and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the role. Here is a little bit about Gwendolyn:

“I am excited to be coming on board as the new CEO for the Co-production Network for Wales! I hope to bring a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to co-production from my background in the violence against women sector, where co-production has historically been a vital part of development and delivery. This has driven my commitment to the importance of shared power between service providers and users, recognizing the equal value of their knowledge and experiences.

I have also worked in local authority commissioning teams and faced the challenges of embedding co-production values into commissioning processes, especially in times of austerity. However, I truly believe the Co-production Network for Wales can empower a diverse range of people and foster collaborative co-production principles to meet these challenges. Creating a community of practice and leveraging legislation in Wales to deliver co-production is crucial for building and delivering services that achieve a positive impact for everyone.

My vision is for the network to be a catalyst in enabling people to create the change they want to see in their communities. I am looking forward to productive and rewarding interactions with the network’s membership and partners. Please do get in touch.”

We believe that Gwendolyn will be a great asset to the network. Now is the perfect time to join us on the co-production journey!

You can get in touch with Gwendolyn at:


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