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Membership of the Co-production Network for Wales is open to everyone who has an interest in co-production, whether they be citizens and volunteers, public service or third sector professionals at all levels, academics and researchers, local or national government officials and policy makers! And of course any combination of the above.

We connect, share learnings, support one another with challenges, and work together to bring positive change to our public services and communities. Together we also bring a strong collective voice to influence policy.

Your membership options

(new and updated for 2022!)

Single membership

You have a personal or professional interest in co-production and citizen involvement. You want to join the community of practice.

Here are the benefits of joining the Network for yourself:

  • Opportunities to network and connect with other members, and learn from shared practice
  • Access to information and resources, briefings, training sessions and themed webinars
  • Being part of a movement, bringing a collective voice to influencing policy and decision making

Single membership is free!

Our single membership is free forever: anyone with an interest can join without limitations of cost or permissions.

Follow this link to sign up.
That’s it, welcome to the community!

Team membership

Your organisation has a strategic and operational commitment to co-production and citizen involvement. You want to develop your team, and your organisational practice.

Here are the benefits of joining the Network for your team:

  • Annual check-in on your co-production aims, aspirations, and development needs
  • “Co-production champions” training to equip them with the resources and skills to share co-production and support their colleagues’ learning and practice
  • Early bird access and discounts on ticketed events, training, and e-learning courses
  • Access to mentoring and advisory sessions with co-production consultants, to constructively challenge and validate your practice
  • Support with co-production briefings for teams or senior leadership colleagues
  • Digital badge and assets for your website and email signatures, to demonstrate your organisational commitment to co-production and involvement

Membership costs are below.

Costs for team membership

The team membership fees enable us to maintain and support this vibrant network of people, groups, teams and
organisations who are making transformational co-production a reality in Wales. In exchange, as an organisational member you nominate your co-production champions, who can be staff members, volunteers, trustees, service users, and/or people who work in (or closely with) your organisation. The Co-production Network helps them to improve their co-production practice, develop it further across your teams, increase your impact as an organisation, and advance your strategic co-production and involvement aims.

How does it work?

You choose the number of champions you want to nominate, to advocate for and support colleagues with co-production.

Your membership fees are based on your number of champions.

Who is it for?

You can join as a team, as a department, or as a whole organisation. You can be from the statutory, non-profit, or academic sectors. You don’t have to be based in Wales to benefit from being part of the community of practice; but we find that team membership works best for Wales-based organisations, or those working across UK nations who have teams and activities in Wales.

Number of
nominated champions

1 to 5

6 to 10

11 to 20

21 or more

Government and statutory sector

£600 + VAT (£720)

£1,200 + VAT (£1,440)

£2,400 + VAT (£2,880)

Bespoke based on £120+VAT per champion per annum

Large and national third sector

£400 + VAT (£480)

£800 + VAT (£960)

£1,600 + VAT (£1,920)

Bespoke based on £80+VAT per
champion per annum

Regional and medium sized third sector

£200 + VAT (£240)

£400 + VAT (£480)

£800 + VAT (£960)

Bespoke based on £40+VAT per
champion per annum

Local, community and small third sector

£100 + VAT (£120)

£200 + VAT (£240)

£400 + VAT (£480)

Bespoke based on £20+VAT per
champion per annum

The small print:
● Membership is annual and runs from 1st April to 31st March.
● Lifetime membership is available for projects: pro rata to the duration of your fixed term project in full months, up to a maximum of 5 years.
● Currently membership is paid by invoice (soon you will be able to sign up, renew and pay on the website!)
● If you join during the course of the year, your membership fee is a pro rata to full months.

Once you’ve checked out the options in the table and chosen your number of champions, fill in this online form to register your team membership.

Questions? Problems? Contact [email protected]

Some of our member organisations:

Thank you for your support!

Action in Careau and Ely
Wales Restorative Approaches Partnership
PRIME Centre Wales
Innovate Trust
Mencap Cymru
Methodist Housing Association
Cynon Taf
Tai Pawb