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Membership of the Co-production Network for Wales is open to everyone who has an interest in co-production, whether they be citizens and volunteers, public service or third sector professionals at all levels, academics and researchers, local or national government officials and policy makers! And of course any combination of the above.

We connect, share learnings, support one another with challenges, and work together to bring positive change to our public services and communities. Together we also bring a strong collective voice to influence policy.


Individual Membership

You have a personal or professional interest in co-production and citizen involvement. 

Join the community of practice.

– You are committed to the approach and are exploring how to apply it in your work and/or your community.

– Connect, share and learn with other members (citizens and professionals) across sectors and across Wales, both online and in person.

– Receive monthly email co-production updates and event notices.

– Attend member-led regional Co-production Get Togethers.

– Join in to Ask Me Anything sessions with other co-production practitioners.

– Take part in the Copro Convos (learning and practice webinars) on co-production and involvement themes, learn new tools including monitoring and evaluation techniques.

– Get early notice of the Annual Wales Co-production Conference.

– Showcase your practice and celebrate your projects, share your stories and solve challenges with other members.

– Use and contribute to resources, case studies and a growing evidence base.

– Gain access to network members with specialist focus (training, research, by sector, by topic, and more).

– Contribute to the collective voice of the co-production community to influence policy and decision-making.

– Be part of the movement for a fairer and more sustainable Wales where everyone has a voice.

Individual membership is free

We want people to be able to join the community without limitations of cost or permissions.

Follow this link to sign up.


Organisational Membership

Your organisation has a strategic and operational commitment to co-production and citizen involvement.

Develop your champions, your organisational practice, and your impact.

– Demonstrate your organisational commitment to asset-based, values-based and person-centred approaches; display a digital badge on your website. 

– Access clear and up-to-date information on all aspects of co-production, citizen involvement and related fields of work, via your champions, for everyone in your organisation.

– Your champions access all the benefits of individual membership as a baseline, including: advice, learning and sharing opportunities; the regional Co-production Get Togethers, Ask Me Anything monthly online sessions, and monthly learning and practice webinars; as well as early notice of the Annual Wales Co-production Conference.

– In addition, every year your champions attend one-day comprehensive train the trainer “introduction to co-production” sessions, for them to gain the knowledge and resources to roll out the training as well as apply their skills in your organisation, (with yearly refreshers and updates).

– You choose the people you wish to nominate as champions (and we can help with the process).

– Your champions can be staff members, volunteers, trustees and citizens or service users who will work in (or closely with) your organisation to advance your co-production and citizen involvement aims.

– Access all these benefits for a membership cost equivalent to £50 per champion per year.

Membership costs
see below

Check out the options in the table below and get in touch to set up your membership.

[email protected]



Your organisation has a solid co-production and citizen involvement practice.

Support the development of other member organisations, and the advancement of the co-production agenda in Wales.

– Access all the benefits of being an organisational member of the Network, with nominated champions attending yearly training and connecting with other members. 

– Support and involve individual citizen Network members in your local area who are not attached to any organisation. 

– Share your co-production experience across the Network’s community of practice through the knowledge base, newsletters and events.

– Actively engage in and help organise events that promote co-production in your local or service area.

– Enable your champions to explore, learn from, and support co-productive practice in other organisations, by conducting Network co-production assessments.

– Annual assessment of your organisation’s co-production practice, conducted by other Network members using the Co-production Audit Tool (for large organisations, nominate particular functions or services for audit). 

– Co-production Network for Wales endorsement of your organisation’s co-production practice, in support of tendering activity and proposals.

– Follow-up to the annual assessment through a day’s consultation to help you strengthen your co-production development, and 10% off Network consultancy packages for further support.

– 50% reduction on the cost of conferences and events organised by the Network. 

Membership costs
see below

Check out the options in the table below and get in touch to set up your membership.

[email protected]

Membership costs for Organisational Membership (TYFU | GROW) and Network Partnership (HELPU | HELP)

Your membership fees enable us to maintain a vibrant and effective Network of people and groups that are making transformational co-production a reality in Wales. We are open to some organisations providing practical support rather than financial: if that enables you to get involved, talk to us!

The small print:
– Membership is annual and runs from 1st April to 31st March, payable by invoice.
– If you join during the course of the year, your membership fee is pro rata’d to full months.

Number of
nominated champions

Annual membership, full rate
(e.g. public sector, large organisations)

Annual membership, reduced rate
(e.g. voluntary and community sectors, small/medium organisations)

1 to 5

£200+VAT (£240)

£100+VAT (£120)

6 to 10

£400+VAT (£480)

£200+VAT (£240)

11 to 20

£800+VAT (£960)

£400+VAT (£480)

21 to 50

£2,000+VAT (£2,400)

talk to us!

51 or more

talk to us!

Once you’ve checked out the options in the table, get in touch to set up your membership. [email protected]

Some of our member organisations:

Thank you for your support!

Action in Careau and Ely
Wales Restorative Approaches Partnership
PRIME Centre Wales
Innovate Trust
Mencap Cymru
Methodist Housing Association
Cynon Taf
Tai Pawb