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We have set up our own e-learning platform, and are now hosting our flagship "Co-production and You" 4-week course. We're developing new courses and modules to add, so watch this space! (We will announce new releases in the newsletter.)

Co-production and You (4 week course)

The “Co-production and You” course allows anyone interested in co-production, wherever they are on their journey, to develop, learn and nurture their practice. If you’ve been looking for learning that you can fit around you and your schedule, this course could be the right fit for you.

When does it start?

The course will start on Monday 6 June 2022.

How does it work? 4 weeks with...

Self-directed learning, supported by weekly tutorial seminars and optional Q&A sessions.

A series of podcast-based recordings which you can access at your convenience.

28 hours of content, & more if you want to explore all the additional resources at your leisure.

A friendly, accessible platform, suited to different learning styles, & compatible with screen-readers.

What the course does:

Introduce the principles of co-production

Explore a variety of techniques associated with each principle

Present a range of examples of co-production in practice

Invite you to reflect on the application to your own practice

You will learn to…

Explain the principles of co-production, and the approaches associated with them

Understand the difference between effective and ineffective co-production

Identify appropriate actions associated with improving co-production practice

Construct an action plan for managing your own co-production challenge

Is the course accredited?

Accreditation through Wrexham Glyndwr University is available.
Completing this course provides you with 10 university credits at level 4. 

To achieve the accreditation, the level of commitment involved is 100 hours of study total (including tutorials and Q&A sessions), with an additional 8 weeks for self-study and completing the assignment. (in total: 4 weeks of live sessions, up to 12 weeks for self-study).

Meet the tutors

Jenny Mushiring'ani Monjero

Mike Corcoran

Mike Corcoran

Course costs:

£165+vat (£198)
or £190+vat (£228) with accreditation
Discounts available for members and champions of the Co-production Network for Wales.


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