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At the Co-production Network for Wales, our mission is to foster strong connections with key partners within the vibrant public services landscape across Wales. Our events page is dedicated to not only showcasing our own Network member events and the Shared Learning Network for PSBs (Public Service Boards) events, but also keeping you informed about a diverse range of events from key partner organisations.

By spotlighting these events, we aim to create a hub of valuable opportunities for collaboration, learning, and growth within the public services sector. Whether you’re looking to engage with our co-production initiatives or explore the offerings from our partners, this page will serve as your go-to resource for all the latest events and activities.

Future Generations Commissioner for Wales – Acting today for a better tomorrow: Understanding the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act, 24 September 2024, Online

The Well-being of Future Generations Act is changing the way we do things here in Wales, from how we plan services, to how we work together, to how we buy things. The Act has galvanised our ambition to be a country that support environmental, economic, social and cultural well-being of people today and those yet to be born. Knowledge and understanding of the Act is essential for people working in and with the public sector as we work together to realise our goals. This session will aim to introduce you to the Act or provide you with a refresh of its ambitions (well-being goals), how these are realised (the ways of working) and sustainable development principle.

Through this session you will;

  • Increase your knowledge on the Well-being of Future Generations Act and what it means for public bodies.

  • Deepen your understanding of how the sustainable development principle shapes and influences how public bodies work.

  • Develop skills in acting in accordance with the sustainable development principle (centred around the five ways of working).

  • Use resources and tools intended to help you take learning away and apply it to your own work.

Institute of Welsh Affairs (IWA) – Towards a Sustainable Future for North Wales and its Communities, 3 Oct 2024 17:30 – 20:30, Pontio Arts and Innovation Centre, Deiniol Road Bangor LL57 2TQ

Join the IWA and Bangor University as they look into how we can create a sustainable future for communities in North Wales.

The final event in the 3-year partnership will bring together panellists and keynote speakers to discuss the wider challenges and opportunities for the region. They will look into how we can ensure the wellbeing of its communities, and its economic, environmental and socio-cultural sustainability. They will also explore the role that north Wales can play not only on the Welsh, but on the UK and global stage, as well.

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