We are a movement.

We want a fairer and more sustainable
Wales where everyone has a voice.

We share power and work together to bring positive change to our public services and communities; and to contribute to the laws that shape our society.

Events and sharing

Local and regional forum events to connect with others, share learning, challenges and stories

Training and support

New skills, techniques, advice, mentoring and practices for you to begin, or do better co-production

Toolkits and resources

A knowledge base of useful tools, techniques, and practical information to use and contribute to

Evidence and research

Growing the evidence base and range of methodologies through applied research

Influencing policy

Coming together as a strong collective voice to influence the socio-political landscape

Who we are

The Co-production Network for Wales
is an inclusive, member-led network
of doers and thinkers who inspire
and empower one another.

From our humble origins in 2012 as a voluntary endeavour by two women at a kitchen table, we have grown into a fully funded Big Lottery supported project. Along the way we carried out research, organised events, campaigned to influence legislation, and delivered training and consultancy. We have connected with thousands of inspiring, positive, hands-on people making change happen everywhere.

These days, we are a network of change makers supporting one another to do more and better co-production, through events, resources, evidence, mentoring and training; and gathering our collective voice to contribute to the laws that make Wales a more enabling state.

We are citizens, volunteers, service users, carers, community leaders, professionals, researchers, academics, civil servants, government people, policy makers, directors, managers, frontline workers - and co-production champions all.

Co-production is an asset-based approach to public services that enables people providing and people receiving services to share power and responsibility, and to work together in equal, reciprocal and caring relationships. It creates opportunities for people to access support when they need it, and to contribute to social change.

Co-production is underpinned by 5 principles:

1.    Value all participants, and build on their strengths.

2.    Develop networks of mutual support.

3.    Do what matters for all the people involved.

4.    Build relationships of trust; share power and responsibility.

5.    People can be change makers, and organisations enable this.

The core team


We support the Network members, coordinate events, connect with supportive partner organisations, and help the membership to grow in numbers, in capacity, and in collective voice.

Noreen Blanluet

Noreen Blanluet

07877 038 084
[email protected]
Rachel Wolfendale

Rachel Wolfendale

(on maternity leave)
[email protected]
Our patrons
Pr. Edgar Cahn

Pr. Edgar Cahn

American distinguished legal professor, the father of timebanking and author of “No More Throwaway People: The Coproduction Imperative”.
Ruth Dineen

Ruth Dineen

Co-founder of the Network; the one who got all this started! Without Ruth, we wouldn't exist. Fierce champion for citizen power and co-production.
David Robinson (OBE)

David Robinson (OBE)

Luminary in the fields of prevention and social action. Knowledgeable and kind! Currently developing a Framework for Relationship Centred Design.

Our advisory group

A collective of members who support the Network with expert advice. Six of the Advisory Group members also sit on the Project Board and deal with governance, accountability and delivery.
Our membership

Membership of the Co-production Network for Wales is open to everyone who has an interest in co-production, whether they be citizens and volunteers, public service or third sector professionals at all levels, academics and researchers, local or national government officials and policy makers! And of course any combination of the above. You sign up as an individual, as long as you have a personal &/or professional interest in and commitment to co-production. Membership is free and all we ask is that you pledge to advancing co-production in any way that is right for you. We (the core staff and the community of practitioners who make up the Network membership) are on hand to support, share learning and practice, encourage and cheer you on! As a member, you benefit from:

  • Regional forum events in which to connect with other practitioners, showcase projects, share practice, solve challenges together, learn new tools and techniques, link up with potential partner projects
  • A searchable asset map of members to link up online and offline, across Wales and across sectors
  • Access to network members with specialist focus like training, facilitation, research, evidence, etc.
  • Using and contributing to resources, case studies and a growing evidence base
  • Training and skills development opportunities
  • Regular updates on the co-production landscape in Wales, including policy developments
  • Being a part of the collective voice to influence policy

Get involved

Join the network

Membership is free. All we ask is that you are committed to advancing co-production in Wales, in whatever way works for you.

Subscribe to news

We send out a monthly round-up of information and updates. Sign up to stay informed of co-production developments.

Contact the team

Drop us an email on [email protected]
Send us a postcard at: Unit 5 Coopers' Yard, Curran Road, Cardiff CF10 5NB


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    Hearing all: liberating the culture of Public Services in Wales

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The Network organises local and national events across Wales for members to connect, share and learn. Check out the highlighted events on the calendar to find one near you. (We are always keen to hear from members who wish to co-host a local or regional event! Get in touch with the team on [email protected])

We also signpost to lots of other relevant events hosted by other organisations, that we think will be equally relevant to our people! Do you have an event of your own that you want to tell the co-production community about? Submit the details so we can display it on the calendar and spread the word through the newsletter. Click here for the event details form.

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