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Co-production Network for Wales
Rhwydwaith Cydgynhyrchu Cymru

What is co-production?

Our official definition is:

Co-production is an asset-based approach to public services that enables people providing and people receiving services to share power and responsibility, and to work together in equal, reciprocal and caring relationships. It creates opportunities for people to access support when they need it, and to contribute to social change.

Co-production is a mindset and a way of working in which you:


Build on everyone's strengths


Develop networks across silos


Focus on people's lives, not systems

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Work on the basis of great relationships


Enable people to be change makers

A community
of practice

We are Network members from all sectors and walks of life. Connect with people who share the same belief in citizen-centred public services. Learn and share, get advice and support, keep improving.

Information & resources

Our knowledge base is a collection of information, research, toolkits and practical information. Draw on it to support your practice, and contribute to the body of co-production evidence.

A calendar of events

Look for relevant events on co-production and related topics. We put on events in which you can share learning and challenges. You can also submit your events for everyone in the community.

Training & consultancy

Our team of trainers, consultants and facilitators is available to support your organisation's development. We will help you to build your skills and capabilities, and do great co-production.

Who are we?

We are an inclusive, member-led network of change makers who inspire, empower and support one another.

We are citizens, volunteers, service users, carers, community leaders, professionals, researchers, academics, public servants, civil servants, local and national government people, policy makers, voluntary and third sector organisations, directors, managers, frontline workers – and co-production champions all.

Our vision? A fairer and more sustainable Wales where everyone has a voice.

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