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Individual membership

You have a personal or professional interest in co-production and citizen involvement.
You want to join the community of practice.
You’ve come to the right place!

Our aim? To be a community of practice, to connect with like-minded people who similarly believe in the value of co-production. To learn, to share, and to grow together.
Our only ask of you: that you are committed to developing your practice of co-production, in whatever way is right for you.
Membership is open to all. 
Individual membership is free, for ever. (If you are part of an organisation we also offer membership for teams, here.)

PS: By signing up, you confirm that you are 16 or over.

Benefits of individual membership

  • Opportunities to network and connect with other members, and learn from shared practice
  • Access to information and resources, briefings, training sessions and themed webinars
  • Being part of a movement, bringing a collective voice to influencing policy and decision making

Membership signup

Provide some information below. It looks like a long form with lots of questions. It is (sorry!).
The only things we absolutely need are the first three questions: an email address, and a name. That’s so we can send you updates and information on member events.

However: as an organisation we take equality and diversity very seriously. Gathering the rest of the information helps us to work towards a more inclusive community for all of us. (If we don’t ask, we won’t know whose voices are missing.) It also helps us to apply for funding, and report to funders. Responses are voluntary for all of the additional questions. If you do not wish to complete some – or any – of the additional questions, you do not need to do so to become a member.

Personal information is kept confidential at all times and never shared. We only look at demographic data as an aggregate, not per individual. We use MadMimi to send out newsletters and manage your data. See our privacy policy here.

That’s it, welcome to the community!

Illustration: different citizen and professionals on a Zoom call together

“I was welcomed to fascinating chats on Zoom. The sharing and welcoming was amazing. Thank you, friends.” – Mary Nettle, mental health user consultant
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