About us

The team

This is the team supporting our community of practice, and coordinating opportunities for sharing, learning and influencing. It's mainly us you'll be seeing and hearing from! Get in touch: [email protected]

Noreen Blanluet

Executive director,
policy lead

[email protected]
07877 038 084

Emma Sandrey

Engagement and memberships lead

[email protected]
07949 285 565

Ena Lloyd

Programme manager
(PSBs project)

[email protected]
07973 931 661

Daniel Barnett

Programme coordinator (PSBs project)

[email protected]
07943 972 949

The origin story

This all started back in 2012 as a voluntary endeavour by two women at a kitchen table. Along the way we carried out research, organised events, campaigned to influence legislation, and started delivering training and consultancy. We became a Big Lottery funded project (2016-2019), which enabled us to formally set up the Network and its infrastructure. Now we are an independent not-for-profit organisation; our legal name is The Co-production and Involvement Network for Wales Ltd. We support the community of practice through the Co-production Network for Wales, and we offer consultancy and training services through Co-production Lab Wales.

How we're funded now

As an independent organisation, we cover our running costs through organisational membership and e-learning courses fees. The surplus generated by consultancy and training services at Co-production Lab Wales also contributes to resourcing the Network's activities.

In addition, we receive National Lottery Community Fund project funding to work specifically with Public Services Boards (2021-2026), and Welsh Government Third Sector Resilience Fund (Phase 2) funding via the Wales Council for Voluntary Action as part of the Covid recovery scheme (2021-2022).

How we're governed

We are a social enterprise: a private company limited by guarantee, with not-for-profit principles written into our constitution. Our board of directors ensures that we are a legal, responsible, sustainable and ethical organisation. Our directors contribute their time on a voluntary basis and meet 6 times per year. We are pleased to count the Wales Council for Voluntary Action as a corporate director on our board.


Executive director


Voluntary director


Voluntary director


Voluntary director


Voluntary director

Sara Sellek

Corporate director

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