What we do

If you're wondering what we can do for you, we have made a handy summary which you can find here. 

We learn about co-production

We connect and share with others

  • Our members tell us that they value the sense of camaraderie and support they get from being part of the community of practice. It helps to know you're not alone, and that there are people who share your values and also believe in a better way of doing things. 
  • Our weekly #CoproMondays are thematic events for members, which are centred around a relevant topic and provide the opportunity to share experiences and reflect together.
  • The Circle community platform is the space to connect with other members from all over Wales online.
  • We are running #coproweek Wales events online still ... but planning to bring in-person events back when circumstances allow us to do so safely, and especially our annual co-production conference at the Catrin Finch Centre in Wrexham Glyndwr University.

We influence decision and policy makers

  • As a community, we bring our collective voice to influence change in our decision and policy makers, and contribute to shaping an enabling public service and policy environment in Wales, so that all of us can keep doing more and better co-production.
  • Our network is linked up with other like-minded change networks, like the Community Resourcefulness Partnership. We respond to consultations, and we attend some of the Third Sector Partnership meetings brokered by the WCVA: our team is able to keep reporting on latest practice and challenges in the Welsh co-production world thanks to what we're hearing from our members. 
  • Through our 5-year National Lottery funded project, we are working with 3 clusters of Public Services Boards oto turn their engagement into meaningful involvement, embed co-productive behaviours, and transform culture. Read more about Project Dewi here. 

"On a weekly basis, I'll use one of your resources, be that catching up on the Co-pro Mondays event series, using your definition to talk about co-pro with others, or looking at ideas on your knowledge base. Thank you team for making co-pro so accessible!"
- Alex Congreve, Cardiff Women's Aid

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