Who we are

How we came to be

This all started back in 2012 as a voluntary endeavour by two women at a kitchen table. Along the way we carried out research, organised events, campaigned to influence legislation, and started delivering training and consultancy. We became a Big Lottery funded project (2016-2019), which enabled us to formally set up the Network and its infrastructure. Now we’re an independent not-for-profit organisation, supporting an ever growing community of members, and collectively working to transform public services. 

Who we are: the members of the Network!

Over 600 members from across sectors and across Wales (and some from wider afield!), joining forces to further the co-production agenda. Find your tribe and join the Network to connect with other members.

Who we are: the patrons of the Network

Edgar Cahn 2

Pr. Edgar Cahn

American distinguished legal professor, the father of timebanking and author of “No More Throwaway People: The Coproduction Imperative”.

Ruth Dineen

Ruth Dineen

Co-founder of the Network; the one who got all this started! Without Ruth, we wouldn’t exist. Fierce champion for citizen power and co-production.

David_Robinson_orig (2) (1)

David Robinson (OBE)

Luminary in the fields of prevention and social action. Knowledgeable and kind! Currently developing a Framework for Relationship Centred Design.

Who we are: the board of directors

We contribute our time on a voluntary basis to maintain the infrastructure for the community of practice. We support the Network members, coordinate events, send out the newsletter and connect with supportive partner organisations. To get in touch: [email protected]

Rick Wilson
Grant Duncan
kelvin_jones 150x140
Kelvin Jones
Lisa Banks
Noreen Blanluet
Rachel Wolfendale
Sara Sellek

Who we are: the Co-pro Collective

We are consultants, facilitators, trainers and speakers, with specialist co-production related skillsets. We work – often together – under the Co-production Network for Wales umbrella, to deliver consultancy projects, training sessions, workshops, and keynotes. Get in touch to find out more and to work with us! [email protected]

Noreen Blanluet

Consultancy, training. Train the trainer.
Coaching. Facilitation, speaking.

Mike Corcoran

Consultancy, training.
Evaluation specialist.

Rosa Robinson

Consultancy, facilitation. Research.
Community engagement.

Ruth Dineen

Consultancy, training.
Facilitation, speaking. Policy.

Rachel Wolfendale

Project management. 
Community management.

Dave Horton

Training. Speaking. Policy.
Community development.

Alain Thomas

Training, programme development.
Evaluation specialist.

Suzanne Dempsey Sawin

Project / event management. Research. Collaborative art & creative responses.

Lucy England

Social media.
Digital communications.

Eva Trier

Consultancy, facilitation.
Research, evaluation. Policy.

Ian Graham

Facilitation, training.
Coaching, consultancy. Speaking.

Robyn Lovelock

Consultancy, evaluation specialist. Programme management. Policy. 


Get in touch:
[email protected]