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Project Dewi: co-production and involvement in PSBs

Project Dewi is our 5-year programme of work with Public Services Boards (PSBs) in Wales, funded through the National Lottery Community Fund. The programme began on 1st March 2021 – Saint David’s Day (or Dydd Gwyl Dewi) here in Wales.

The project has two strands: one provides bespoke support for three clusters of PSBs; the other is our Shared Learning Network, where we share useful information and resources about co-production and involvement.

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We are working hands-on with clusters of PSBs to support the development of their practice of meaningful engagement and involvement, moving towards full co-production. We are: 

  • Working alongside the PSB teams to support practical implementation and develop their capabilities, capacity, and confidence. We are not consultants who take the work away and do it for them, instead, we work with the PSBs. Through experiential learning and working on relevant and immediate issues, we contribute to shifting behaviours and cultures. 
  • Creating the conditions for sustainable relationships between organisations and with communities and citizens, through an ongoing involvement infrastructure. Relationships are fundamental to co-producing and operating in complexity, and contribute to the long-term sustainability of this work. 
  • Developing meaningful engagement opportunities including with seldom-heard voices, that lead to the involvement of communities in the co-production of local solutions, where both people and professionals leverage their strengths and resources to effect positive change. 

Co-production slide deck for PSB partner and leader insight

Following a co-design session we held as part of the Shared Learning Network for PSBs, we have produced this slide deck to support your team’s & organisation’s co-production and involvement journey. It has been co-developed with PSB officers from across Wales.

The slide deck will provide you with:

▪ a clear explanation of co-production
▪ examples of doing co-production from a strategic level
▪ useful tools to help guide you on your co-production journey
▪ touch-points for conversations on co-production

Find out more

If you’d like to know more about the programme, including our Shared Learning Network, please get in touch, we’re always happy to hear from new people.


Programme Manager
07726 389 339

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Programme Coordinator
07943 972 949

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Becky Lythgoe

Cwm Taf Morgannwg

Gareth Pahl

Cwm Taf Morgannwg

Mererid Lewis

West Wales

Photo: Vikki Butler
Vikki Butler

West Wales

Photo: Mike Corcoran
Mike Corcoran

North Wales

Caryl Lewis

North Wales

Project Dewi is funded through the National Lottery Community Fund: Supporting Great Ideas.

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