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a co-production training series

We offer a training suite of tools and techniques that we have found to be effective in supporting a robust co-production practice. They can be booked individually or as a combined package (talk to us!).

We also offer Train The Trainer on our Introduction to Co-production module, to equip members of your team with the knowledge and resources to roll out the training internally in your organisation, &/or with partners.

Download the pdf with full details.

Introduction to co-production

A flexible module that can be delivered as a short event to generate buy-in in executive teams, or a half or whole day hands-on training session to turn theory into practice with management/team leaders and frontline staff.

Co-production Train the trainer

A full day “introduction to co-production” training session delivered in a train the trainer format, to equip key members of your staff with the knowledge and resources to roll out the sessions internally.

Action learning for co-production

Action learning sets foster reflective group learning and enable collective support, to transform issues into actions. For different ways of approaching and solving problems effectively, new ways of thinking, collective learning to drive improvement.

Practical empathy for co-production

Non-violent communication skills for people who co-produce: because relationships are the operating principle in co-production, complexity and innovation.

Facilitation skills for co-production

Facilitation, engagement and relationship building skills for people who co-produce: to create an environment for trust, constructive challenge and collaboration.

Evaluation in co-production

Evaluation and co-evaluation using Measuring What Matters: choosing the right methods to ask the right questions, of the right people, in the right way.

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a co-production implementation package

We accompany and guide your implementation of co-production and citizen involvement, applied in practice to a specific challenge:
– We identify your existing good practice and build on it.
– We clarify what good co-production and citizen involvement look like.
– We mentor and guide your team to apply the approach to your issue.
– We offer a flexible approach that combines training, facilitation, mentoring and support as needed.
One team, one challenge: a “how do we…” question.

Download the pdf with full details.

oak / derw

a co-production culture change package

We help you to adopt co-productive behaviours and change the culture in your organisation:
– Respond to legislative requirements around co-production and citizen involvement.
– Embed co-production by building the skills, capability and experience in your teams.
– Create space for innovation and function more as a learning organisation.
– Build your ability to operate in complexity and respond to evolving contexts.
– Develop new solutions to existing challenges by leveraging trusted relationships.
One lead organisation, working across multiple teams, with partners, and with citizens/communities.

Download the pdf with full details.

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