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Paying service users (part 4)

Event title: paying service users - 4 questions

4. Are we being considerate?

People get sick, whether they’re staff, volunteers or participants in co-production. How do we handle that? If we treat people with lived experience any differently to paid employees, then why is that? Are we saying those who are paid are entitled to be sick or have off days, but the people we don’t pay aren’t given the same space to be human? If sessions are tricky and bring up difficult emotions, do people with lived experience get the same counselling or wellbeing checks as staff may get? Coming into co-production not as part of a team of staff is already a potentially isolating experience, to treat people differently isolates them further. 

Let us know what other thoughts and questions come up for you.

This post was informed by the discussion at the #CoproMondays members’ event held online on 15th November 2021. Our #CoproMonday sessions are fluid discussions with members, prompted by a series of questions or thoughts, where participants contribute their experience and knowledge, and learn from one another. Recordings are available if you’re a member or champion and you would like to catch up on the session content (email Our thanks to all those who participated.

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