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Paying service users (part 2)

Event title: paying service users - 4 questions

2. Is it all about money?

Recognising the contributions people make to services as users of them, goes way beyond just whether they are paid or not. Payment (in money or vouchers) is one way of recognising the value of a person’s efforts, but there are so many others. If we value staff and volunteers enough to provide opportunities for learning, for bonding, for sharing between each other, for feedback on outcomes and performance, for supervision – then why should this be any different for those who bring their lived experiences to co-production? All of these things require an investment of time in individuals, reflecting and recognising the time they give up to the causes and organisations they choose to support. 

Next week: 3. Are we deciding for servic users?

This post was informed by the discussion at the #CoproMondays members’ event held online on 15th November 2021. Our #CoproMonday sessions are fluid discussions with members, prompted by a series of questions or thoughts, where participants contribute their experience and knowledge, and learn from one another. Recordings are available if you’re a member or champion and you would like to catch up on the session content (email Our thanks to all those who participated.

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