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We are in the process of compiling toolkits, research, evidence, information, and all sorts of sources of learning relating to co-production. For the time being we have transferred the content from the old website, but we are currently revising and adding new materials. While you bear with us, why not submit your own materials for the knowledge base? We welcome sources of learning in any format: video and written, articles, blogs, research papers, presentations, and toolkits. Submit some details in this form.

Holi: co-productive research in Wales

Holi is an evolving group of diverse people from across Wales with an interest in researching co-production, and co-producing research.  Holi is made up of people from various professional and personal backgrounds: local councils, charities, universities, public services, campaigning groups and organisations working with particular groups of people.  Interests might be purely practical, or policy-focused, or primarily theoretical – and everything in between. 

Seeing is Believing Co-pro Catalogue

In 2015, Co-pro Wales and Public Health Wales put together a list of co-pro resources as part of our Co-pro Catalogue. These are organised under a number of headings:

  • The case for Co-production
  • Co-pro in practice
  • Practical Guidance & Audit Tools
  • Networks & Websites Wales / Networks & Websites UK

There’s also an overview of what co-pro is and isn’t, lots of inspiring case-studies from across Wales, a co-pro audit tool, and a Seeing is Believing workbook (hard copies of this can be requested from Maria Gallagher of PHW).

Other useful things:

Co-production Network for Wales Lottery Proposal (2015) Cartrefi Cymru, Co-production Wales, WCVA. The co-produced bid that started the whole thing off! It’s the culmination of four years’ worth of discussions, meetings, events, workshops, surveys and feedback from hundreds of co-prodders from Wales and the world. Now we just have to do it!

Commissioning Report for Health Minister (2015) Jon Skone’s provocative summary of the current commissioning scene in Wales and a call to move from competition to collaboration in order to better serve those we support. Watch this space – some hugely exciting moves are afoot to make co-pro commissioning a reality…

Measuring the Mountain final proposal (2016) Neil Wooding of the National Statistics Office and a collection of co-pro lovelies including SenseMaker genius Bethan Smith have produced a plan for a co-produced evaluation of the Social Services and Well-being Act, using people’s stories and a citizen jury to discover what’s going  well and how to do more of the good stuff. We’re now discussing next steps with the Welsh Government.

What real co-production is not / Co-production: what, how, why? (2017) This straight-forward two-page info sheet was created by the Co-pro Network to help people understand what co-production looks like, what it’s for, and how it works – as well as what co-production isn’t.  Handy for newbies who want to find out more – or for the more experienced co-prodder who wants to check they’re on the right track.

The Co-production Network for Wales YouTube Channel We regularly upload useful and inspiring videos to our YouTube channel, to help the budding co-pro champion better understand co-production; why it’s a good idea and how it can be used in practice. Our clips range from interviews to case studies, animation to forum event clips, presentations and more. We’ve also curated playlists of helpful videos we’ve discovered on YouTube, and all in easy to digest bite-size clips designed to make co-production easy to understand. Below are two of our videos that can be found on the channel. 

The 5 Principles of Co-production (video 2017) Network Director Mark has been working with co-pro champions and Learning Disability Wales to create this film which explains what co-production looks like in reality. A wonderfully clear, down to earth  explanation from the people who are doing it!

Co-production by Spice (video 2013) This handy short video from Spice explains how co-production works, along with all the brilliant benefits it can bring to the community. It includes some great real-life examples of the way co-production has changed people’s lives in a variety of ways… from improving health, to lowering crime, to building community resilience.


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