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#CoproBriefing – History of co-production

Join us for an informal briefing session on the history of co-production, as part of our celebrations for Co-production Week Scotland. Where did the concept of co-production come from? What do time credits have to do with co-production? And exactly how old are its roots?

#CoproSocial – Tea time talk

Join us for a casual drop in session where members of the network can get to know each other, and talk about co-production, or just socialize. Please come along for a chat, bring a beverage of your choosing, and swing by whenever suits between 2pm-4pm.

#CoproMondays – Co-produced Christmas

Join us for some Christmas-themed co-production fun. Details on what this will entail are not finalised yet! We could co-produce carol singing, co-produce a reimaging of the Nativity story via Zoom, or we could do a quiz. Let us know what kind of fun you'd like to get up to with us...

#CoproMondays – Doing co-production online: What’s new, how’s it going?

Join us for a check in session, of sorts. Lots of us have been attempting to co-produce online now for nearly 2 years. We thought the new year would be a good time to check in with each other, discuss what new things we've discovered, and how it's going as we move from online to hybrid or in person co-production.

#CoproMondays – How to influence decision makers

Join us for a discussion about influencing decision makers to take a chance on co-production. What does it mean to influence someone? How do you build that relationship and trust? How do we convince leaders that co-production should be a priority for them?

#CoproMondays – Hackathon – an engagement tool for co-production

Join us for a session on hackathons, a creative engagement tool which is oh so useful in co-production. Our resident hackathon specialist Jenny will take you through what a hackathon is, how she has been using them, and how you could use them too. This will be a fun, interactive session, where you will experience the tool while learning about it!

#CoproLearning – Co-pro taster

This is an open session for anyone (not just members). You're welcome to attend for a little co-production refresher for the new year - but feel free to also pass this on to colleagues and contacts who might be curious about co-production.

We'll talk about what co-production is and isn't, where and when it's relevant, and the benefits it brings. This session will help people build a common language and understanding around the concept. Pass it on :)

#CoproMondays – How to help people see their own value

Join us for a discussion about how we get people with lived experience to see the value in what they have to contribute towards co-production. When faced with being in a room with experts and professionals, it can be hard for participants to realise their lived experience has real value, and is just as needed in the co-production process as anyone else’s contribution. How do we break down these barriers and remove any imposter syndrome?

#CoproMondays – Co-production and Time Credits

Join us for an exploration and discussion of the relationship between co-production and time credits, and how to incorporate them in your practice. Guest speaker from Tempo Time Credits, Rachel Gegeshidze, will be on hand to explain how to use time credits as a way of recognising the contributions of those with lived experience to co-production. Bring your curiosity and questions to the session. 

#CoproMondays – The role of power in our interactions

Join us for an exploration of the role of power in our interactions with others, with a specific focus on how this impacts on how and who can participate in co-production. How do we recognise different power dynamics, and do our best to mitigate them? How do we ensure that the voices that are least heard usually are given the space necessary to contribute safely? How do we challenge our own assumptions and biases?

#CoproLearning – Facilitation of co-production online

Join us for a training session on facilitating co-production online. We’ll share some of our learnings on which platforms are good to use, how to conduct sessions, how to make people feel comfortable and welcome, and some tips for what we find works best in terms of encouraging engagement, resolving disputes, and prompting challenging discussions. Those who’ve attended similar training before are welcome to take this again as a refresher.

#CoproMondays – Co-production and mental health

Join us for a discussion around co-production and mental health. Angie and colleagues, from West Wales Action for Mental Health, will be with us to share their experience of trying to co-produce mental health services. How do we involve people with mental health problems in the co-production of services they use? Come and share experiences and learn from each other about the relationship between co-production and mental health.

#CoproMondays – Co-pro values: Building on people’s strengths

Join us for a discussion about how we live out the first value of co-production - valuing all participants and building on their strengths. How do we identify who is bringing what to the table, most especially when they perhaps cannot see it themselves? How do we ensure that the experience of co-production is positive and adds to a person’s sense of self esteem and worth?

#CoproMondays – Hackathon round 2: Return of the Jamboard

Join us for another session focused on hackathons. The first one went so well, we thought we’d bring them back for another session. Don’t know what a hackathon is? That’s fine, come along and we’ll make it all clear. Our resident hackathon specialist Jenny will take you through what a hackathon is, how she has been using them, and how you could use them too. This will be a fun, interactive session, where you will experience the tool while learning about it!

#CoproMondays – Co-producing with families

Join us for a discussion around the work that Aneurin Bevan Health Board and Parents and Carers Voices for Wales have been doing, co-producing with families as part of the NEST/NYTH framework. Instead of taking an individual approach to care, the model recognises how a holistic strategy, including whole families and supporters such as teachers, ensures support can be in place in arenas of the young person’s life. We will be joined by Liz from ABUHB and Ceri, who is a parent carer and group leader, who worked with lots of families in this co-productive way.

#CoproMondays – Asking the right questions

We want to avoid asking questions that people can't answer, or questions where we can't do anything with the answer - so how do we create the conditions for having deeper conversations that move us towards collaborative solutions? Our Mike Corcoran and Helen Millband from NRW will share some thoughts and experiences on the topic.

#CoproLearning – Co-production in practice

Now you know what co-production is, are you still wondering how you go about doing it? Join us for an interactive learning session that will look at what it means to implement co-production; where to start, how to start, when to start, why are you doing it, and who are you doing it with? We will address all these questions and more.

#CoproMondays – Sharing learnings from co-producing with Welsh public service boards

Join us for an exploration of some of the learnings from our first year of working with public services boards across Wales on their wellbeing assessments, as part of our National Lottery Community Fund project. We will hear reflections from our consultants working with public services boards in north Wales and Cwm Taf Morgannwg. Bring your curiosity and questions to this session.

#CoproMondays – Co-production in the community

MEMBERS ONLY EVENT for members of the Co-production Network for Wales. Join us for a session with the Swansea Co-production Network who will be sharing with us learnings about doing […]

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