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#CoproMondays – In times of crisis

Join us for a discussion on what crisis means for co-production. Is it realistic to expect co-production in times of crisis? Are there examples of it occurring during the pandemic? Does crisis make it even more imperative that co-production is implemented and embedded into public services? Is there ever a convenient time for co-production?

#CoproMondays – Looking after yourself

How do we look after ourselves and others when trying to co-produce, especially during a crisis? Co-production isn't a sprint, so how do we maintain momentum while maintaining our health and wellbeing? How do we help each other as a collective?

#CoproMondays – User centered design

Join us to discuss the differences and the overlaps between co-production and user centered service design, which is used a lot in the development of digital services. Noreen will kick off the discussion and share some thoughts she's been having as a result of a consultancy project on this topic.

#CoproSocial – Coffee/Tea Morning

Join us for a casual drop in session where members of the network can get to know each other, and talk about co-production, or just socialize. Please come along for a chat, bring a beverage of your choosing, and swing by whenever suits between 10am-12pm.

#CoproMondays – Whose voice counts?

Join us for a discussion on whose voice counts when it comes to co-production, a follow-up of sorts on the #coproMondays discussion we had about what happens when no-one wants to co-produce with you. How do we amplify voices of those who are missing? How do we use our voice when we get a seat at the table? How do we ensure we do so in a way that is constructive, empathetic, inclusive and productive?

#CoproMondays – How to use Tribe

Join us for a walk through demonstration of how to use Tribe, our online members community. We know from our members survey that this was one of the least known about benefits of membership of the network. We want to encourage members to use Tribe to share practice with each other, and offer support to each other. We will be using Tribe during the session to draw on our collective knowledge and experience to address some co-production queries we have recently had as a network. 

#CoproTraining – Introduction to co-production

Join us for an introductory session to the concept of co-production. We will cover the ‘What?’, ‘Why?’, ‘When?’ and ‘How?’ – and there will be time for Q&A.

Suitable for anyone who wants to find out more about co-production in public services.

#CoproMondays – Citizens Assemblies

Join us for a discussion on Citizens Assemblies to celebrate Local Democracy Week. We will be joined by Jess Blair from the Electoral Reform Society Cymru, who will talk us through the recent Climate Assembly in Blanaeu Gwent that ERS Cymru were involved with. We'll be comparing and contrasting Citizens Assemblies and co-production, and exploring their merits and draw backs. 

#CoproMondays – Future Generations Wales

Join us for a discussion on the milestones of the Future Generations of Wales Act. We're hoping to co-produce our response to this consultation, and so we're keen to hear your thoughts on their proposed milestone values, and how you think co-production can play a role in achieving the identified national objectives. 

#CoproSocial – Coffee/Tea Afternoon

Join us for a casual drop in session where members of the network can get to know each other, and talk about co-production, or just socialize. Please come along for a chat, bring a beverage of your choosing, and swing by whenever suits between 12pm - 2pm.

#CoproMondays – Unpaid carers

Join us for a discussion with Kirklees Council about the co-production work they have been doing with unpaid carers - what works, what doesn't, what can be improved, and what can be celebrated. We're also hoping to hear directly from some unpaid carers about their lived experience and what co-production means to them. We would also welcome hearing from any members of the network who are also unpaid carers. 

#CoproMondays – Co-production and leadership

Leadership in co-production. What does it mean to be a leader in this context? Do we need a different term, since the phrase 'leader' comes with hierarchical connotations? Or do we need to take back the meaning of what it is to be a leader?

#CoproTraining – How to implement co-production

Next year we're thinking of offering this as an open, paid-for, training session, but for our first round we're putting this on for members free of charge. This is for you if you've got a good understanding of the basics of co-production under your belt, but you're thinking about how you would go about applying it to a real life scenario in your work or your community.

Like our usual training it will be a mix of presentations, exercises, small-group and whole group discussions, and Q&A opportunities. We will focus on the practical planning of co-production, work through a road map to the implementation process, and consider potential challenges and pitfalls to be alert to.

If you bring a practical example you are working on, you will leave with some concrete plans and ideas to take away and apply!

#CoproMondays – Co-production and young people

Join us for a discussion on co-producing with young people. Our friends from Kirklees Council will join us once again, this time to talk about the way they worked with young people to involve them in the council scrutiny process. We hope also to shed some light on how co-production can happen within councils when they work with the people they serve.

#CoproMondays – Paying service users

Join us for a discussion on oft raised issue of whether or not you should pay service users for participating in co-production. If we don't pay participants, then is it really a fair and equal process? If we don't pay participants, what does that say about how we value their contribution and time? Noreen will share some thoughts and approaches from various organisations from the past couple years, but please bring your contributions and thoughts too!

Taking Over the New Normal – Heritage Conference

There's a 'new normal' in heritage venues - find out how our partnership work can help you to support disability access. Cardiff People First is run by people with a […]


#CoproChampions – How to share co-production (formerly known as Train the Trainer) two day course

It is an 8 hour course, with 4 hours on each day, and is designed for people who will become or are champions for co-production within their own organisation and/or communities. Sessions will be from 9.00am - 11.00am and 1.00pm - 3.00pm both days.

You might already be familiar and comfortable with the concept of co-production (although we will go over the basics) and should want to embed it as a key approach to decision making in your community and/or organisation.

'How to share co-production' will give you the knowledge, understanding, skills and confidence to embed co-productive approaches and values in your organisation and/or community.

#CoproMondays – Cultural exchange

To celebrate Co-production Week Scotland, we'll be teaming up with our Scottish counterparts to hear about what they have been up to, share experiences and knowledge, and talk about how we can work better together to share the word about co-production across the UK.

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